Loyalty Program

Earn Loyalty Points when you shop with Lollypop Kids!

There are 4 fantastic ways to earn points!

1.  For every $1.00 spent you will earn 1 Loyalty Point!

2.  Earn 20 Loyalty Points for when you submit a review for a purchased product!

3.  Join the Lollypop Kids Lounge on Facebook and earn 50 Loyalty Points!

4.  Refer a friend who submits a minimum purchase order of $50.00 and earn 50 Loyalty Points!


250 Points = $10 Lollypop Credit

475 Points = $20 Lollypop Credit

1,000 Points = $50 Lollypop Credit

All Loyalty Points earned through purchases and reviews will be calculated and manually added to your account.  You can review and track your Loyalty Point history through your Lollypop Kids account.  A maximum of 100 Loyalty Points (10 reviews) can be earned through product reviews per calendar year.

Loyalty Points earned through joining the Lollypop Kids Lounge will be manually added to your account once your membership to the group has been confirmed.  Please refer to the file within the group titled Reward Points and add your name to same for cross referencing. 

Loyalty Points earned through friend referrals will need to be confirmed via email message by both you and your friend or within the comments section of the submitted purchasing order.  A maximum of 200 Loyalty Points (4 referrals) may be earned through this collection method per calendar year.

You must have an account created with Lollypop Kids to earn and/or redeem Loyalty Points.  To redeem your Loyalty Points for Lollypop Credit please email me in advance for a coupon code to be submitted with your next purchase order.  Lollypop Credit can be redeemed for subsequent purchases only and cannot be applied retroactively.  Lollypop Credit earned through the Loyalty Points program has no cash value. 

The terms and conditions of our Loyalty Points program can change at any time or times, without notice or bonus.  Should you have any questions regarding our Loyalty Program please do not hesitate to contact us!